“Dance.” They told me. And I danced. I felt the rhythm beat through my soul and move my body. I danced and marched with them from dawn till dusk. Fuelled by love and passion. My body, my mind, and soul are at peace when I move like this and like that. Even better when

Centre Yourself

“Find your centre.” My sensei told me as I sat atop the hill, breathing in the fresh air, feeling the sun on my skin, hearing the wind moving through the valley. I found my centre. Found the core of my being. It’s always there; solid as a rock, ferocious as a fire. Always there; a … More Centre Yourself

Let Go

“What is it that’s holding you back?” I asked them. What’s keeping you from being the ‘you’ you want to be? Have you identified the things that are weighing you down? Set them aside. You don’t need the extra weight. I know; it’s hard, it’s painful, it’s gut-wrenching but it has to be done. Walk … More Let Go